As I said before, I am a Millenial who seeks to develop myself and become more than simply another person seeking my own happiness.

As William James said it: “the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” I am working on disciplining myself to become greater, to be what I was meant to be.

I want to help others develop themselves and grow people spiritually, physically and emotionally. My perspective is and increasingly more so that if you develop spiritually well, the physical and emotional part will follow suit. The reason you and I are not where we want to be emotionally and physically is because we have not developed our spiritual side. It is crucial that you find your why in life. Find out what you were made for and you will have a much easier life. I never said that life would be easy but if you have an aim, you can start shooting and practicing until you hit the bullseye and then you will find fulfillment.

None of this is done in a vacuum of course but with the consciousness that there is a higher being, a God who made you to be greater than what you are currently trying to be or not to be. Our fear is what holds us back often times. I will write more about fear as I work through it myself but for now, I believe we have to start with discipline. starting our day with discipline and not wasting any time doing whatever and trying to figure out how to make ourselves happy. By trying to find out how to make ourselves happy we will loose perspective and never find it. Happiness was never meant to be found because it is a vehicle, not the aim. As you help others and live for something meaningful, for the truth you will experience happiness.

This was a little rant about my thoughts. I will write more as time goes on but start off with making a schedule of your day and figure out what you are currently doing with your time as well as what you could be doing.

What are your goals? Short and long term. Write them down and work on archiving them.


Big Boom

Here we come, with a big boom. I will do my best to keep the posts short so that they are easy to read.

As of this writing we heard about the big bombings in Brussels and France but few people talk about the Robot who can interact with people and who even looks like a human.

Robots will walk among us sooner than we think.

I trully believe this and although I hear people who are very much against that, I am all for it. Let them come. They will make our life easier, carry our groceries, stack the fridge and set up the hose to water the garden. Life will be fun and exciting with more new inventions which are always evolving.

I will talk about more cool things soon but I have to say good night for now. It is late and as of this moment we don’t have robots telling us that its “time to go to bed” hehehe so yay!

Enjoy technology but please don’t get sucked so much into it that you forget humans. Technology is a great tool but should never be used as an end in itself.